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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

St Pete Beach Gunkhole Cruise - The Movie

Here's the latest on the Thanksgiving weekend gunkhole cruise to St Pete Beach -

                                                     SMALL BOATS ROCK!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

St Pete Beach FL Gunkhole: A Small Boat Sailing Cruise

Once north bound HideAway sailed on with a bone in her teeth joyfully tossing waves this way and that while her crew grew smiles from ear to collective ear. Only a radio alert from Miandros kept HideAway from trying to make Anclote Key before dark. Seems we had over shot the skinny little white church steeple that marked our anchorage.

Sailing HideAway off St Pete Beach, Gulf of Mexico Thanksgiving Weekend

By the time HideAway had gained the safe haven Miandros had set two anchors close to shore in calm waters six foot deep at lower tide. Both crews piled into their respective dinghies and rowed for shore surfing along the way in the gentle swells. Once on the beach a crowd of people met us as if we had just sailed in from Texas or some such. Well I may have told them so, but it surely is not often sailors are treated as rock stars.

Mihrandros & HideAway St Pete Beach Fl Gulf of Mexico

Frank Hurley Park with its modern flushers and showers is a short walk along the sandy street. A longer, but certainly doable stroll to the Hurricane is possible for those without chicken to grille. Those with longer legs and deeper pockets would find the Don Cesar a bit further the other direction and of course on the way the Nancy Markoe Gallery is always a fun place to visit. With chickens calling both crews reluctantly rowed back to supper.

The base of the Off bottle seals the Solar Shower and repels bugs! 

The HideAways are pretty much low tech when it comes right down to it.    So it should be no real surprise to find a jar of sun tea brewing at the stern.  No need to bring a stove to heat water when there is a perfectly good, hot celestial body to do the job.

A fine cup of fresh brewed tea is a satisfying way to begin the day especially if it is sun tea made the old fashioned way in an aged pickle jar. Apparently the former residents of that particular jar were quite flavorful. Thus the invention of Dill Pickle Sun Tea came to pass on a sunny morning in November. DPST is an acquired taste for the sophisticated palette with an interesting bouquet and a long finish. Gulpable, perhaps a bit coarse, Dill Pickle Sun Tea has an aromatic nose that leaps out of the glass. Some say it’s a real knock out. Did I mention it is an acquired taste?