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Monday, January 17, 2011

BCYC Hootenanny 2010 Gulfport Florida USA

I didn't intend to make this video.  I left the good camera at home and was stuck with my ancient Kodak (dx6340 if you must) that suffers from some of the same conditions I do in that it hardly opens one eye in the morning and makes strange sounds at inappropiate times.

This video will likely disappoint those interested in the fine blue grass sounds of the Ibuprophan Band since I didn't find the video button in time, however the Generation Gap has been picked up by Florida Music Videos and are gaining popularity in some pretty far flung places.  Road Trip!

Another disappointment is that the World Famous Cooler Drop didn't film well even though the camera is very experienced the operator sounds like an over-served popular big band leader from North Dakota 60 years ago who may have had a rock in his remaining shoe..... anddaa Onnnnnnnne  ANDA twurp..

The Ibuprophan Band and the Generation Gap are all BCYC sailors who love to play music when they aren't sailing and do a great job of both.