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Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Pine Island Plan for Treasure

Somewhere in the vast wilderness of Tropical Western Florida lies a point in paradise code named Pine Island.  Local legend asserts the island formed not from discarded clam shells as many are, but from cast aluminum apparently in the shape of pine trees if the fable is to be believed. 

Always up for an adventure especially ones that involve sailing, legends and aluminum treasure, Gold is sooo heavy you know!  The HideAways mission is to seek out the truth of this local tale with gusto.

The Plan

Steal away in the darkness of a predawn day ahead of the other sailors on faster boats with the same gleam in their eyes, secure the vast aluminum treasure in Hideaway's hold of secrets and hide the treasure in South East North Dakota far to the west.

The Problem

Where the heck is this place?  The parable states it is in a  "Est toou airey"  where fire sticks are seen in the sky and the ground trembles with fear and no canoe returns from the forbidden shores of Pointy Glad.  Why can't legends be written in plain language?

A massive search of the known archives of the universe reveal no such place or island.  Nor is it named on any chart produced by the US Government. A conspiracy perhaps or just the usual negligence?

The Breakthrough

Late on a night with a ringed moon the capt received a communication from his shady past concerning a map buried in an old whiskey bottle long ago under a carrot tree at a local well known sailing establishment.

Now we all know you cannot just show up with a shovel in hand and start digging something up at a well known sailing establishment.

 A Deception Needed was Found!

"I know just the thing,  We'll build a huge brick patio and call it the Sea Breeze." The First Mate espoused "Nobody will suspect a thing!"

A carrot tree????

To be continued . . . .