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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Don't Let Your Current Stray - Zinc It

Pennies do have some value after all. Leave one in an aluminum power boat and it will eventually sink the boat from corrosion. Suppose there is a market for aluminum jet skis with copper coin holders?

Stray Current Corrosion occurs when unprotected metal boat parts are exposed to stray current especially in salt water. Stray current comes from electrical faults in other boats or from the dock power system. Sacrificial anodes, zincs, protect the valuable boat parts in the water such as outboard motors from attack by the electrolysis fiend.

In this case the aluminum part of the kick up rudder was slightly submerged in the salt water marina aka battery fluid.

Keep Your Metal Protected - Zinc It! 

Where are the Sacrificial Anodes when you need them? On the outboard motor that was raised out of the water to keep sea creatures from making a home on it of course.

Another reason not to swim in marinas.