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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Of Chain Saws, Navigation Tools and Sailing HideAway

"Betcha you're too chicken to see if that chain saw blade is sharp" said the thumb to the forefinger.   "Ha! You think think I'm that stupid?" the forefinger retorted.  "Well I can't 'cause I'm too short" The thumb replied.  "Besides that chain saw is four years old so the chain can't be that sharp - You're just too much of a wiener to try!"


When a day starts like that how can it get any better?  Well, for starters, after weeks of fruitless searching we found our lost navigation tools hiding in a brief case along side a desk.  I was not looking forward to replacing my new dividers and parallel rule that's for sure!

A brief case?  Really on a Compac 23?  No wonder the nav tools found a hiding place!

At last we can start editing our latest video.  Look for A Pine Island Plan coming  soon to a Utube channel near you.