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Saturday, July 23, 2011

How To Plan a Sailboat Cruise

Congratulations! You've finally got that sailboat of your dreams AND managed to get it squared away enough to sail off over the horizon if only for a weekend.

Now What?

Even if your destination is just across the lake the trip will go better with a detailed plan.  After all you don't want to discover you left the extra gas can in the garage or worse, the life jackets!  After all you seek adventure not a survival story. Right?

A Fine Pine Island Plan does not seek to be an authority of navigational expertise nor is it necessarily the best idea ever conceived by modern man, but it has worked well for the HideAways over the years and that's enough. 

By the way the video assumes you would never embark on the journey without the proper US Coast Guard required safety gear.  But you already have all that stuff.