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Saturday, February 11, 2012

How to Prepare for Your Dream Cruise

Well, the very first thing to do is grab your favorite writing tools and open your boat for inspection. That alone is enough to turn your teak gray.

The next step is to prioritize the list of stuff you need. That sounds hard but it’s pretty easy though if you use the Sailing Stuff Approach to Cruising. I’ve outlined the concept below with examples. Your results may vary.

Stuff That Left To Themselves Would Have a Bad Effect On The Cruise
Failing to pump out the head or pump up the trailer tires.

Stuff That Must Be Onboard
Trash bags preferably empty
Bottles of adult beverages preferably full

Stuff That Better Not Be On Board
Live critters being first
Dead critters and associated accessories next

Stuff That Must Be Purchased With Plastic
Well, maybe some duct tape judiciously applied might suffice for now.

Stuff That Can Be Bought With Paper or Bits of Metal
Unhealthy comfort food and the equipment to consume them

Stuff That Must Be Recharged
Talking Picture Recording Devices
Cell phone set on “Shut Up”

Stuff That Must Be Found
If something must be found it is therefore lost so you really must find the lost to be found.
Anybody seen my navigation tools? I’ve seem to have lost my way.

And remember: Part of the adventure is opening a can of something essential with a screw driver and a block of wood. Happy sailing!