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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lunch is packed. the gas tank full and mixed, the drive to the marina complete.  The only thing left to do is make the final decision -

To sail or not to sail? 

Often the decision is easy, ranging from "just launch and go" to musing about how high the waves are breaking over the sea wall in the Gulfport Channel as large oak tree limbs dance the Hully Gully.  The view from the end of  "A" dock gave further evidence that Boca Ciega Bay had worked it's way into a tither of white caps making waves breaking on the jetty tower taller than the average senior adult.    

Unwilling to risk breaking something expensive the HideAways sought refuge on the clubhouse porch where other melancholic sailors held court telling tales of great courage in conditions much worse than this mere summer breeze. None suggested a romp on the bay would be troublesome, noting rather that they would sail if something or other wasn’t preventing them from doing so on this particular day.

Always in search of the perfect photo, the Capt grabbed his camera and wandered dockside returning just ahead the rain instead with this moderately odd video.