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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Small Boat Air Conditioning the Natural Way

By the time July rolls around in Gulfport Florida the thought of cruising to a secluded gunkhole somewhere is not the first thing that comes to mind.

Sure, if you have a large boat equipped with an air conditioner you can waddle over to a marina, jump in the pool - northern folks call these things hot tubs I believe - to get wet and hope the sea breeze cools you off a bit before you call it a day and retreat to conditioned air.
HideAway's Natural Air Conditioner 
 If you're lucky you have a small  boat like HideAway, a Compac 23, with a Swing From the Hook Natural Air Conditioning System.  On a very hot day the wind scoop may not provide relief.
HideAway's Natural AC Set on HIGH
Fortunately, another method is readily available to the Florida Summer Sailor.  It requires little set up and is far more exciting than a dip in a hot pool.

Notice how calm and serene this scene is - Then have a look at the video below shot minutes later!