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Monday, October 1, 2012

The Great Mullet Key Bayou Pocket Cruise

Mullet Key, home of Ft Desoto Park at the entrance to Tampa Bay is usually found by land yacht however it is much more interesting to approach from the Gulf of Mexico using Bunce's Pass.

Sounds simple, however the channel is unmarked, not maintained and has shallows ready to snag your keel. A distant water tower the only navigational reference. Add in some choppy seas, challenging sun angle, a recent tropical storm that rearranged the channel and your depth finder becomes your best friend.

The Great Mullet Spirit

Of the three boats on this gunkhole cruise only HideAway, the boat with the shallowest draft, had an electric depth finder.  Another used a lead line and the other their keel. All three methods are accurate however the side effects of some methods are less desirable than others.  Of course the Great Mullet Spirit who loves to roil up the bayou as it hangs on to your keel must be entertained or he'll never let you leave.  But then again, who'd want to?

Sailing HideAway Mullet Key Bayou, Tampa Bay Florida
It was a great gunkhole cruise that included a severe storm, an escape from it's brothers at low tide and the drama of the unknown --

Come join us as we navigate the tricky waters of Bunce's Pass at the mouth of Tampa Bay

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