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Monday, January 28, 2013

McKay Creek Boat Shop Heritage Village FL

The second to the last weekend in January always finds the HideAways lounging under the tall pines amid the restored buildings of Heritage Village at the Pinellas Folk Festival .  This year the festival had nineteen bands, a German folk dance group, and the Dunedin Scottish Country Dancers.  There were historical demonstrations where you can learn everything from Morse Code on some very old equipment to traditional fiber arts.  And there were just the right amount of true antique cars and trucks.

All this and more for the outrageously low admission price of $5.00 per head.  Gladly paid I might add. If you are in the Largo Fl area the Pinellas Folk Festival is a must see.  Besides a quarter million of your closest friends are otherwise engaged in some sort of Pirate Invasion of Tampa held the same weekend.

So what does all this have to do with sailing you ask.  Really go ahead - 
Ask in Unison or wherever you may live.

Optimist Pram -Clark Mills 

Entrance to park involves walking over a wide foot bridge at the end of which was a hand built Optimist Pram with sail set.  The Optimist Pram was designed in Clearwater, Fl. by Clark Mills to be made from one sheet of plywood, cost only $50.00 and be sailed by kids. The hottest boat you could own during that time was the Optimist.  Still is, according to those folks of the same vintage.

The Com-Pac 16, which grew into the Com-Pac 23, is among Mills many designs.

McKay Creek Boat Museum
Peak Your Interest Yet?

It gets better.  Until now the rich marine history of Pinellas County has been largely passed on by word of mouth.  And oh the stories!

Enter the new McKay Creek Boat Museum, a part of the Pinellas County Historical Society, is about to break ground in Heritage Village.  The structure is patterned after the many boat building shops that have been lost to modern times. The museum will perhaps for the first time, tell the complete story of the boat building culture of  Pinellas County.   Of course, HideAway, hull #2 an early version of the Com-Pac 23,  feels genetically linked to part of this story.

 I have it on good authority that, although they do not at this time plan to build boats at the site, they will be restoring donated boats of all kinds.

You Can Be Part of History  

Throw $50.00 in the paint can and they'll dedicate a personalized wood model of a small pram and display it in the new museum.

To find out how to become involved go to Pinellas County Historical Society website or call 727-582-2233.