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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

BCYC Fun Day Results and the Cruise

I hope you were among the 500 or so folks who attended the BCYC Fun Day this last weekend. 270 sailboat rides were given on club members boats in a four hour period.  What a great way to introduce people to sailing.  You may have noticed also the only trace of the HideAways this year was an empty trailer. 

We had planned a cruise to Anclote Key near Tarpon Springs Fl last year but had to cancel due to health issues. We made a promise afterwards that nothing, not even the weather, Fun Day, broken bridges, contrary tides, No-See-ms, See-ms  or a gas guzzling Mr E would stop us this time.  

As I write this on our first land based evening in six days, my computer is rocking like a Compac 23 in a windy anchorage and we both have yet to regain the ability to walk a straight line. We have found that  a convenient wall or piece of furniture useful to prevent nose damage but really have no interest in helping the effect end soon.   


We shot a boatload of video. My favorite  is a screaming 5 mile reach along St Joseph Sound in 15kn winds with the 150 genny and full main doing 5.5 to 6.2kn pulling the dink! If you have ever doubted what a loose footed main sail can do on a Compac sailboat this will convince you.  What a ride! We liked it so much we did it again and then tried a couple of runs under main alone. Wow!

Another will discuss how you can sleep when you depth finder shows 3.2, 4.6, 8.4, and 2.5 all in a few seconds while the wind howls in the rigging and the sun clocks out for the night.   

Just how do you drift into the gas dock without knocking the gas pumps into the drink? 

Do some mathematics. For instance say your GPS is showing 3.7kn under power alone, your gas gauge is zero, John's Pass Marina is closing in 10 minutes, the fuel dock is in sight  when you realize the out going tide is on your beam at 3.0kn. 

GARMIN GPS 640maps-A review of sorts

Next up will be a review, both written and video of our new Garmin GPS640 that features road maps and nautical charts.  Can one GPS do the work of two or is it better used as ballast?   We'll show you what we liked, didn't like and couldn't believe.   

So follow us as we call at Dunedin, Three Rooker Bar, Anclote Key - the back waters, Caladesi Island State Park, several unnamed islands and every marina that has gas for sale.   Gotta talk to Mr E about his drinking!