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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Leading a Sailor to Water Garmin GPSmap 640

Garmin GPSmap 640 on swing arm aboard SV HideAway
Garmin GPSmap 640 on SV HideAway
We were navigating to my son's house in Tampa last weekend using the road mode of our new Garmin GPSmap 640 in an effort to become better acquainted with the high tech device. 

I was growing more upset with it because it was taking us the long way to our destination along all sorts of back streets that were not of our choosing instead of a more direct route using major roads.  

I was about to mention my concerns to the lady in the GPS when all of a sudden she told me to turn right and we found ourselves at a beautiful park right on the Hillsborough River.  

All is forgiven, my son's house was nearby.  

A GPS that knows how to lead a sailor to water is OK in my book.  

Sailing HideAway near Honeymoon Island
Sailing HideAway  anchored near Honeymoon Island FL