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Thursday, September 25, 2014

When Is It Time to Stop Sailing? Consider This..

Does your boat looks more at home on a sea of green grass than a sea of green?

Day Sailor I hard aground in a sea of grass

Sailing in a sea of green -- grass!

Sometimes Its Important to Get Away. .

Get away from sailing. Develop other interests.  Ponder deep thoughts. Consider your place in the universe. Smell a rose. Kiss a gnome. Find a guru. Trouble your mind.

Be Thee Warned!

Photo of weeds growing in a sailboat by SV HideAway

The Weeds Of The World Invade

If you stay aground too long the weeds of the world may invade your cockpit or worse; take root in your mind.  The next thing you know you’ll be growing grapes on your back-yard clothes line.

Chasing the Dream is One Thing...

Small sailboats racing- Original water color by Matt Maloy

Member: Dream Chaser's Anonymous 

Sailing Towards One is Quite Another

Go Sailing  Now My Friend - Before It's too La

Keep Calm - Sail On!