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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Adventures of the HideAways Independance Day July 4th

Of Fire Crackers Water and Wind 2010

Day 1

The residue of the seasons’ first hurricane drenched the Florida west coast for the days preceding the Independence Day Holiday. Next a cold front stalled only a few miles north of our favorite sailing area. Like two Sumo wrestlers, the heavy weather south of Tampa Bay could not advance northward bullied by the late season cold front pushing south. Boca Ciega Bay near Gulfport seemed to be protected by a large dome of invulnerability. But how long could it last?

The HideAways were among the few that brought enough luck along in their sea bag to search for the answer to that very question. The HideAway slipped her dock lines with a full main sail, 110 jib and half an engine.

It is a sailboat after all the Capt explained.

To be continued  . . .