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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Third of the Fourth Returns to Port

Bridge decks are made to keep the water out of the cabin should you get pooped. You know they’re handy things to have around. The Capt’ always liked HideAways, bridge deck except when he stubs his toe on it. But the Capt’ was very glad it was there on this occasion as it did a fine job of keeping his neck straight.

With the reef set and the wind still in the 20s and gusting HideAway settled back on her lines and cruised along at a comfortable six knots with no further drama.

SV HideAway - Compac 23

The sky told a different story. All that wind had to come from somewhere and since it came from several directions the guilty parties looked like a prairie schooners circling Boca Ciega Bay. The HideAways finally succumbed to the threat of even higher humidity and upon returning to port found the wind had lain down, the sun peaked through and with the clouds laughed at their joke.

Never the matter the HideAways shall sail again for the fourth time on the fourth.

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