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Sunday, August 29, 2010

An 8 hp Hot Headed Evinrude Outboard - Mr E Lost His A-- In This Edition of The Adventures of the HideAways

Mr.  E  A 16 Year Old Hot Headed Evinrude

We last left Mr. E. leaking oil and spouting steam.

The oil leak needed to be handled anyway and the water pump was high on the suspect list along with the dreaded possibility of clogged water passages in the cylinder head.

Exploratory surgery would be next on the long road to outboard motor bliss.

There are three bolts holding the gear case on to the extender. The bolts are only 3/8 inch, two of which are inconveniently located on the zinc under a fin and one very long one at the front of the Evinrude, each salt encrusted.

The instruction books all tell you to “remove the bolt” or some such, as if this were the easiest part of the job. 

Ha! It could take days to remove just one bolt or seconds to break one of the buggers off.  The HideAway's luck held with all bolts successfully if not easily removed.

A Crack in the Plastic Gear Case Cover caused the Oil Leak

Evinrude, in it's infinite wisdom, uses a plastic gear box cover. Plastic!  (See the crack between the two forward bolts)

Not to worry you can get a new one for $60.00 to $90.00. 

Makes you wonder what the pistons are made of doesn't it?

Some good news!  All but two of the impeller vanes were broken with one of them barely hanging on.

Good News - Four of the six pump vanes were broken!!

But where were the the missing four?


All of them were found clogging the water uptake to the engine- Right side of photo.  Whew!

 Since all four vanes were recovered in large pieces and an obvious oil leak found, the HideAways are fairly confident both the oil leak and the over heating problems are resolved.  'Course we're still waiting for the El Cheapo gear cover casing to arrive. Plastic!

Can the HideAways make the repairs before the Labor Day

Stay Tuned. . . .

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