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Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Hot Headed Evinrude Outboard Motor - Mr E Has A Fever

No sooner than his ignition system was cured of some malaise Mr. E our 16 year old 8hp Evinrude outboard motor developed a fever. The Capt most likely would have blamed it on an unfortunate snort of sand and prescribed a deep flush after removing a nylon fitting from the head for a more through enema. It had been a successful prescription in a past life.

Upon breaking said fitting off and the unsuccessful removal of the remains of said fitting the Capt had no other choice but to remove the exhaust plate from which it came.

The white channel on the left was completely blocked
After two days of struggling with the six bolts holding the plate to the engine block it was revealed that Mr. E had developed hardening of his cooling arteries which explains his hot headed tendencies of late. The HideAways have never been engine flushing zealots; however they were shocked at the amount of gunk clogging the channels.

To be continued . . ..