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Sunday, October 17, 2010

How To Launch Your Ladder From Compac 23 Trailer

One of the nice things about storing our Compac 23 on a trailer instead of a wet slip is that it's possible to store a large ladder under the boat next to the keel. 

A Perfect Place to Store a Ladder
Stored here on the starboard side, it is a simple matter to set the ladder up and it's just as easy to store it away when you are done with the task of the day.  Great Idea Eh?  Thank you.

Last Sunday we returned from a sailing sojourn to find that some dirty, slime covered, no good rat had borrowed our ladder, apparently on a permanent basis.  Obviously since it was there when we left and not when we returned some skunk must have it right?  

Where could it have gone ? Hmmmmm

While the Admiral retraced the launch sequence path the Capt wandered down the boat ramp where, after some fishing, wrestled ashore from the cold waters the very same ladder that had gone missing!  What a coincidence.

Pretty fast thinking D.S.C.N.G. rat - throwing my ladder into the water while making good his escape wouldn't you say? 

Lesson Learned

Always tie you ladder to the boat when you are working on it.

And it may be a good idea to tie it to your trailer

Not that you'd ever launch it