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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Preparing HideAway for Winter Sailing

Boca Ciega Yacht Club - Gulfport Florida
Believe it or not the seasons change in Florida as well.  The tropical heat is a not too distant memory as the first of the cold fronts bring great sailing weather.  Time to stow the genny and find Hideaway's storm jib.  I know it's in the V berth somewhere.  Hmmmm...

After a search I realized we haven't needed the genny all summer thanks to Bruce Bingham's insisting I change HideAway's main sail to loose footed.  If you haven't made the conversion on your Compac you should and soon.

HideAway sails herself with ease, points higher, and did I mention she is noticeable faster?  "Sailing with a Loose Foot" shows the set up and "HideAway Sails the 3rd of the 4th" shows the system reefed.  You'll see Bruce docking Niki as well.

Bruce Bingham - Niki  

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