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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sink or Sail? The HideAways Find a Hole in the Boat- Dear Liza!

I've read somewhere that the greatest enjoyment of a vacation is the planning rather than the actual adventure.   I guess that's what separates the sailors from the rest of the world. 

The Captains of the boats going on a true shallow water gunkhole cruise over the holiday met to discuss the merits of favorite places in context with the expected weather six days hence. 

Of greatest interest was entering an unmarked pass from the Gulf of Mexico then following the meandering and often inaccurate markers that range from officialdom to sticks in the sand.    HideAway with her new depth finder and shallow draft was elected to lead boat.  Meals were planned with assignments given for those responsible for bringing small, hopefully deceased animals to grill.  Events scheduled based upon plans A through C with the Capt declining the swimming portion in the 72 degree water.

The HideAways decided to launch on Sunday for a cruise leaving Friday due to other commitments.  There is no point in discussing why only three tie down lines were removed before the Capt drove out of the dry slip.   Fortunately, the remaining tie down was old and tired and snapped instead of pulling out a cleat.  Nor is there any point discussing how the bow line came unfastened at a critical moment during  launching thus creating the photo op below.

HideAway Ready to Sail or Sink

After HideAway was completely secured in an over sized slip the Capt. did a cursory inspection of holes in the boat and discovered HideAway was most assuredly sinking.  Not quickly, but nontheless sinking from a leaking transducer.  

Under the protection of darkness the offending transducer was removed, cleaned and prepared for reinstatement on the morrow. HideAway's cabin is a different story. Sounds easy doesn't it?   Ha! 

We sail with the tide in five days or maybe six to one of three secret gunkholes or maybe none.  Who knows?  This is a sailing cruise after all-the planning is fun but the best is yet to come!