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Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Florida Gunkhole Raft-up - - - Stern To?

Rafted near Indian Key St Petersburg, Florida

There must be somewhere in this big world, a snug little gunkhole as calm as a mirror. The HideAways in contrast, are quite successful at finding bumpy anchorages with 20kn winds especially when rafted next to a larger boat.

Rafting two sailboats of dissimilar weight and lengths is something of an art form. A balance must be maintained between boarding access and preventing the respective standing rigging from an expensive entanglement while keeping in mind the motion of a 5 ton boat is considerably different than a two ton.

Add to the equation, the fact that a Compac 23 does not have a hull liner and that the crew sleeps on the settees conveniently located at the beam. Also located on the beam are a series of fenders deployed to keep the boats apart. These fenders love to sing and squawk all night inspired as they are from the wave action.

A 2 x 4 Separates the Cushions for a Quiet Night

The book “How to Raft Up the Boring Way”,  A double anchor has been set and six fenders positioned to cushion the boats on a calm night.

The addition of a 2 x 4 eliminates direct contact with the opposing boat and guarantees a silent night.

SV HideAway Rafted Stern-To

Always innovators, the Stern-To Raft Up Method was invented when HideAway’s bow line untied itself in the aforementioned 20kn air. The HideAways now have a deficit balance in the Bank of Good Luck after rescue by strong stern cleats with good wraps.

It took all five of us plus a Marine Scientist who happened by in his kayak to pull HideAway’s bow back around in the strong wind. Marine Scientists are good to have around, especially if they bring a kayak. This one stayed for supper, told some fascinating stories of the BP oil spill, and then shoved off into the night with a flash light strapped to his head. (A phone call later verified his successful bay crossing.)

The HideAways had a peaceful night’s sleep dreaming of reefed main and storm jib configurations.

Anchored off St Pete Beach Florida
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