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Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Manatee Springs Mullet Movie

A perhaps disturbingly small number of curious folks have been inquiring, nay, demanding to know just what the Mullet Myrtle actually looks like.  The Mullet Myrtle as you surely recall lurks in the depths of the only channel into Mullet Key Bayou at the mouth of Tampa Bay.  She is quite famous playing catch and release of the unwary sailor's keel.  At least that is the most probable explanation of the rash of recent groundings in the bayou put forth by her many victims.

After hacking through a contagion of  housing developments, strip clubs – er- malls of the urban jungle that is Florida in modern times, the valiant HideAways finally found some illusive mullets cleverly hiding in Manatee Springs doing what they do, which isn’t much when you think about it.   

It should be noted here that the Manatee High Council was invited to participate in the following film however it would neither deny nor confirm the presence of mullet in their namesake spring.  The Manatees plainly want nothing to do with the scandalous Mullet Myrtle who, according to the MHC, is responsible for the recent Mullet foray into Manatee Springs witnessed by the HideAways.

Meanwhile a spokesmullet from the Mullet Association of Manatee Springs stated that while the MAMS has not met with the Mullet Myrtle personally, it fully supports her efforts to annoy the humans who believe that Mullets are only at their best when smoked.  

With no interest in fairness the HideAways confess that smoked mullet and ice cold beer on a hot summer day is right up there with Tupelo Honey on the list of Florida Delights.   But please don't tell the Mullet Myrtle as we plan to return to Mullet Key Bayou one day soon.