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Friday, March 8, 2013

Joys of Trailer Sailing Seminar Boca Ciega Yacht Club

If you reside in the Tampa Bay area and like to put your sailboat on a trailer this free seminar at Boca Ciega Yacht Club is for you. 

 Noted yacht designer, Bruce Bingham (designer of the 20 foot Flicker among many others.) will make the presentation and discuss the advantages of trailer sailing, how to raise and lower you mast without drama, how a trailer tongue extension makes launching and retrieving more fun, and how to make a road trip and come home with everything you left with.   See how many of  Bruce’s of favorite cruising gunkholes you have been to.  Bruce always puts on an entertaining and informative seminar. You will learn a lot and laugh a lot. 

West Coast Trailer Sailing Squadron will be present.

 In our pre-HideAway days, we made several successful if not humorous attempts to cram two average sized adults and a small dog into our Sea Pearl 21 for something approaching a comfortable night’s sleep.  In a moment of creative bliss I built a removable wooden deck to cover the main cargo area while Linda stitched a customized a small tent to pitch on it.  Once installed on the Magic Pearl we had a tent on her decks and a basement!  Even with such decadent luxury the experience left us with some interesting experiences but wanting more boat. 

At the time we day-sailed out of BCYC on my friend Tom's Mariner.  As a sailor’s providence often dictates, I was introduced to Ron Hoddninot, a long time BCYC member. Ron had sailed, raced and cruised his 27 Catalina just about every place one could find along the Florida west coast with a four foot keel.   

Then One Fine Day

I brought my Magic Pearl to the BCYC ramp for an afternoon sail on the bay with Tom when Ron happened by and joined us.  Ron took the tiller and at some point nearly caught a fisherman with one of the masts as we sailed a bit too close to the Gulfport Pier.  But it was Ron who was caught: hook, line and sinker by the Magic Pearl. 

Our Magic Pearl at Summer Resort Cay Fl
In a blur Ron had sold his keel boat, found Whisper his Sea Pearl, left BCYC and started the West Coast Trailer Sailing Squadron as we joined BCYC and found HideAway, our Com-Pac 23.  We are both sailing the same boats after all these years, sometimes to the same destinations, the difference being that HideAway has yet to find a highway. 

 So if you have a mind to, come share your stories with some old and new salts at Boca Ciega Yacht Club March 21, 2013.  Social hour begins at 6 pm with the presentation at 7.  Did I mention there is no cost?

Here’s the link:  Boca Ciega Yacht Club