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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunken Sailboat Rises-Gulfport Florida

Camo Sailboat or Felon?

Boaters in the Gulfport Fl area have one less navigational hazard to worry about after the Gulfport Police raised this boat.  It sunk about a year ago in fairly shallow water, but no owner of record has been found as yet. 

Word on the water is that a variety of government agencies would like to speak to the owner.  It seems that  law enforcement has a gift to present to the capt..  A nice set of chrome bracelets connected with a chain so he won't lose them.  The charge is Felony Littering.  Just sounds nasty doesn't it?

Always Get a Bill of Sale

Notice they are looking for the owner of record.  Not necessarily the person who allowed the boat to linger  below water.  If you sell a boat, car or such and do not get a Bill of Sale to prove you no longer own the item the new owner may chose not to register it.  If the new owner causes damage like this vessel has and cannot be found the owner of record is responsible.