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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Boat Renaming Ceremony

According to legend the Roman King of the Sea, Neptune, in partnership with the Greek Ruler of the Sea, Poseidon, maintain a data base of all vessels that have ever sailed the seas of the world.  

 Any updates to the Ledger of the Deep, such as renaming a vessel, must be made using proper protocols to prevent enforcement of stiff penalties.  Neptune and Poseidon, both of whom live in underwater palaces for apparent tax reasons, are said to have considerable influence over the weather and seas, not to mention Lady Luck.  For instance, the mere mention of the old boat name may invoke disaster for the hapless sailor without thier protection.

While none of this can be proven, any sailor knows it is better to be prepared than not.  Thus when the SV Miandros needed to change the name of her tender from ***REDACTED***  to Lil M the following ceremony took place.