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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Exploring The Caribbean Rum Smoothie

After our son and family absconded to the Dominican Republic on vacation leaving Bella, our grand dog, with us a bottle of Ron Bacelo rum appeared at our door.  

Mr. Bacelo’s rum made its appearance on a steamy hot summer day at the exact time in the afternoon when something cold and refreshing would be most yearned for. 

As welcome as it was unexpected, we found ourselves lacking in the proper mixing materials until in a moment of reckless inspiration a bag of frozen fruit and a blender were found.   Thus the Carribbean Rum Smoothie was born.

Caribbean Rum Smoothies

Cool, Quick & Easy

1-1lb bag of frozen fruit-strawberries, peaches, pineapple, & red grapes
10 oz-Rum-Ron Barcelo -37.5 % alc.
1/3 cup  pineapple  juice

Blend frozen fruit & pineapple juice till smooth. Add rum & blend till mixed & serve in insulated glasses.

Great with Any & All Hot Summer days!