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Saturday, April 12, 2014

An Out-of-Doors Experience

We learned from uncounted generations that the best way to experience all the natural world has to offer is from something that floats, or possibly in a pinch, a remote campsite in a distant place.

Folks who study this phenomenon have not been able to explain why we humans are convinced, beyond rationality, that whatever is just beyond our reach must be better than what we have at the moment.    

HideAway has been hard aground 

because of a patio construction project.   No, she’s not getting a patio, and she is not happy about it.  When at last we found and laid the final brick we celebrated the achievement by having our evening meal on our new veranda.  

It was late on a warm spring afternoon.  The sun was low in the sky partially shielded by our sun-fence, a group of oaks planted years ago.   Linda pointed to a hawk doing lazy circles on a thermal far above us. 
The soaring hawk was high enough that the rays of the setting sun illuminated it from underneath.   The hawk’s wings and body glowed golden, then silver, as it glided in the light, all the while surrounded by an impossibly blue sky.  A slight wind mixed with jasmine and orange blossoms held us captive in their intoxicating fragrance. 

The moment could not have been more perfect

When your days are harsh and troubles seem none stopping, as many have recently, it’s good to remember that every now and then nature will provide a soothing moment of breath taking beauty and peace. 

Perhaps in your own back yard -- Just outside of your doors.