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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Vanity and the Thru Hull

The Original Thru-Hull Access Hole
Thru-hulls always has long been the cause of notable anxiety on the HideAway, likely because one of the two in existence, the one the bilge pump is attached to, failed while sailing off shore.

Sailing HideAway Videos
It began innocently enough; the idea of having a sink and vanity in the forepeak next to the head.

The vanity sits on top of what was a storage access.  The fit is perfect with just enough room to accommodate the sink basin, tubing and electrical wires for the water pump.  Below the sink lurks the depth finder transducer, another large hole in the boat.  With two large holes in close proximity, the area has been declared off limits for storage of anything other than a wooden plug.

The Cure Leads To Another Problem.

While the vanity has been a welcome addition on cruises, the Capt. uses it more often to empty the  rain buckets  from under five of Hideaways’ six ports.   Always vigilant, the Capt. has been known to tear open the vanity top in search of excess humidity, not realizing he was causing the drain tube to crack on both ends. 

Sink Drain Repair Sailing HideAway

Obviously a better method of leak checking technology was necessary. Enter the thought of a small access just forward of the vanity.   

Join the HideAways as we cut yet another hole in the boat.