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Monday, May 16, 2016

How to Lose Your Sole - Compac 23

Of all the projects on the long and growing refit list perhaps the most dreaded is the replacement of the cabin sole.  The other large projects, cabin painting, compounding and waxing the hull, painting the topsides etc. were at least things I’ve either done before or could wrap my remaining brain cells around.   Ripping out a substantial chunk of the cabin was something to put off even with the acknowledgement that the project was not going away. 

My Sole Extraction Project Began with a Brush

I was painting something at the time, and well, you know how that goes.  You just can’t stop or you’ll have to clean things.  It doesn’t take long in the heat that is spring in Florida to dry out an ill placed dollop of paint from a fully loaded brush dropped in response to my sole achieving a bond with one of the smaller digits of my left foot.

If You Can’t Laugh At Yourself You’re Missing The Best Part Of The Show

The fairly outsized piece of sole protruding from one of my smaller toes was removed without remorse by the admiral from the foot hanging over the gunnel that belonged to the shoeless painter and staked out by an insistent sole all the while providing entertainment to the post woman and snickering neighbors whom happened by. 

So my friends go below to find my offering described with talking moving pictures of how to remove your very own sole.

 Part Two- Finding Your Sole should be a real hoot.