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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Need to Haul-Out Without the Out? Just Add Water

After a recent tropical storm paid an ugly visit to our fine bay a few of the anchor out flotilla came to painful rest on rocky rip rap.  
After the storm
The Calm After the Storm
 Rescued from further embarrassment and fragmentation this sailboat found her way to our docks.  She suffered a broken rudder among many other ills. 

Rudder?  What rudder?
The vessel expended her remaining allotment of seaworthiness to traverse the 50 yards or so to safety.  It was a harrowing but successful journey.  

Sailing HideAway
Where Boat Dollars Go
A real haul out is necessary to fix all of her woes but first the rudder needed desperate attention.  

Sailing HideAway
Water Ballast
The best way to reach what was left of the spade rudder required adding water, lots of it, to the bow.

With her stern uncomfortably high in the water and her bow looking as if it were part of a submarine, some of the damage was exposed. 

sailing hideaway
A Water Lever 
A creative solution born of immediate necessity 

Sailing Bottle Cooler
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Bottles or Cans
SV HideAway
Sailing Bottle Cooler by MACmedia
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